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Why Cycling?

Choose the bicycle as a vehicle of transport has many advantages: the bike is in fact a versatile vehicle, environmentally friendly, economical, convenient and healthy.
It is perfect for getting around the city, to go to work, to keep fit, to relax, and to explore the countryside and do ecological travel and contact with nature.

Convenience and speed
It is widely believed that the car is a convenient and fast vehicle, allowing us to move quickly and complete freedom of movement.
Looking to the reality is easy to realize how wrong this opinion is.
According to a recent study of ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities) a citizen passes in car 74 minutes a day, and the average speed of a car that circulates in the city of Rome is 22 Km / h.
These data are even more amazing when you consider only the urban trips which are less than 5 km where numerous studies show that the car is much slower than the bicycle.

The bicycle, as opposed to the car, has no extra costs or fees to pay. Nothing stamp, insurance, fuel and a few maintenances.
Quite the opposite of the car whose annual cost, considering depreciation, maintenance, fuel, insurance etc ... stands, according to recent research, around 4,000 euro per year.

Pedaling even a few minutes a day, greatly improves your health: make muscles, ‘heart and lungs stronger and it is effective in helping to prevent diseases and heart problems.

Surpassed the idea that cycling is too exhausting, we will immediately realize how pleasant and satisfactory is to pay attention at the landscapes and sounds that the machine tends to conceal.